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Gilbert Pulido as Poncho

Gilbert Pulido as Poncho: Poncho is apart of the outlaw gang looking for Dockie to claim the reward offered by John Doe. Running in a gang with Frank Doe, Diane Doe, Dolly Doe, and Texas Bob. The Outlaws encounter a harder time collecting the reward as they chase Dockie. Watch the show to see what …

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Bob Hinesley as Texas Bob

Bob Hinesley as Texas Bob: Bob plays Texas Bob in C-Bar episode 2. His character is a loner outlaw that eventually partners up with Frank Doe and his sisters to track down Dockie to get his share of the bounty money that is on Dockies Head. Along the way, things get a little interesting… Bob …

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Seth Hinesley as Little Sammy

Seth Hinesley as Little Sammy: Seth plays Little Sammy, a good guy in Dockie’s Family. Little Sammy is a far cry from little and can take care of his own… Seth Hinesley originally from California has recently settled in Chino Valley, AZ. Over the years he has picked up his dads love for horses, riding …

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Craig Hensley as Sheriff Cole

Craig Hensley as Sheriff Cole: Sheriff Matthew Cole is the kind of man to be invited to dinner and who visits after church. His unusual tolerance of mild lawbreaking is indicative of his understanding of the growing pains of the new frontier. However, those who mistake his easy-going manner for weakness will discover that Cole …

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