About C-Bar Ranch

At the age of fifty-nine I woke up and started writing this book.

I had never written anything in the past so this was a new experience for me. Long story turned short it became published and has had some success. I got a phone call from a filmmaker by the name of Patrick Ball. He was interested in making a film based on the novel and I jumped a foot in the air. I met with Patrick and his partner Aaron Newton. We had dinner together and knew very quickly that a movie was going to be made. My feet have not touched the ground since that day.

When Mark was asked about how he came to write The C-Bar Story, his response was: “It’s as if I didn’t write this book. It poured out of me as if from some other person. I have no idea where it came from. People have asked me if I plan to write another C-Bar adventure. I tell them that I have no idea. I had no plan to write this one. Like the old saying goes: “People plan and God laughs.”

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