C-Bar Studios was built around a passion for the West.


At the age of fifty-nine, Mark Baugher woke up one morning and started writing a book.


He had never written anything in the past, so this was a new experience for him. It was a labor of love, and after it was finished, it was published and folks started reading it at a pace that he didn’t dream was possible. Soon, a phone call from a filmmaker who was interested in making a film based on the novel turned this novel about a western experience into a feature length film and a sequel.


“I jumped a foot in the air. I met with the filmmakers and had dinner together. Before I knew it, a movie was going to be made. My feet have not touched the ground since that day,” says Mark.


The C-Bar Stories come from within, and inspiration leaps onto the pages as if by magic. Mark still has no idea where it comes from, just that it is his life’s work to bring these stories to life through novels and film.


If writing a novel was fun, making movies has been an experience like no other, and a wonderful outlet for a crew passionate about the Western mystique and bringing it to life.


Mark shares, “I am either lucky or being watched over because this experience has been the best time of my life. Film crews are a joy to work with. They are creative, patient and professional. Finding them is beyond anything I could have hoped for. Once the word was out the actors just appeared. Each has a story that needs telling and can be found on each of their pages. Producers, directors, film crew, actors and locations all appeared at just the right time. I love them all.”

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