About C-

Dockie Barnett played by Mark Baugher

(Executive Producer / Screen Writer)


Mark Baugher lives in Northern Arizona with his wife, Marcia, on a small ranch near the headwater of the Verde River.

He is a Master Farrier, and when not under a horse, is riding one, exploring the Verde River, treasure hunting in Sycamore Canyon or working on the movie C-Bar. Mark and Marcia live in a small adobe house surrounded by a guest cabin, a barn, and a horseshoeing shop. If you get out to the ranch, Marcia will answer the door with a big smile, and you’ll feel like a youngster again, asking if Mark can come out and play.

Then you’ll hear a welcoming voice from inside the house say: “You’re just in time. I’ve got an extra horse saddled and waiting. I think I know where Geronimo’s cave is hidden. We’re wasting time, let’s ride!”

Patrick Ball


Patrick Ball was born and raised in South Bend, Indiana. He actively engaged in local theatre, musical pursuits, and videography.

He attended Ball State University, where he focused primarily on video production and creative writing. There he fully discovered his passion and developed both professional perspective and competencies in film production and cinematography.

In April of 2012, one of Patrick’s movies, “IBEJI” was chosen as an entry in a number of film festivals, including Cannes. Patrick served as the producer and primary camera operator on this project. His dog, Mickey, made a cameo appearance in the film.

After his graduation in May of 2012, Patrick moved to Arizona with a couple colleagues, again pursuing opportunities in theatre, music, and videography. Patrick and his colleagues formed a production company which is quickly gaining notice nationally and has several projects underway.