Anabel Granados


The Songstress.  Fierce and passionate.  When on stage, Anabel can sweep you away in the torrent of emotions that rise from her soul when performing a song that is near and dear to her heart.

She will make you feel the pain, the sorrow, and the nostalgia that comes with every Ranchera.  Anabel’s love of music began at the age of 6 years old when she plunked out her first song on a $3 keyboard her mother purchased for her at the local swap meet.

She asked for piano lessons at 8 years old and started playing the violin at the age of 12.  At the age of 14, she became the folk violinist for an Apache tribe having to learn much of the music by ear as sung to her by the tribe elders or from old recordings from other tribes in Mexico. She began to sing professionally at the age of 18 with Mexico Vivo Dance Company singing a wide range of music in Spanish.

She’s had contracts with BESTAgency and Dick Foster Productions in Las Vegas, NV.  She is currently working on training and developing her vocal skills and stage presence in order to take her music to another level.  Participating in Cbar was a dream project for her and she knows everyone in the movie, cast, and crew, are truly special and will all continue on to have amazing careers in the industry.

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