Gilbert Pulido as Poncho

Gilbert Pulido as Poncho:

Poncho is apart of the outlaw gang looking for Dockie to claim the reward offered by John Doe. Running in a gang with Frank Doe, Diane Doe, Dolly Doe, and Texas Bob. The Outlaws encounter a harder time collecting the reward as they chase Dockie. Watch the show to see what happens to Poncho.

Gilbert Pulido grew up in Los Angeles C.a and moved to Arizona with his wife and children to find their place in the heart of the Wild West. Their family is currently living in the Chino Valley Az. area enjoying their Family, Friends, and Farm.  Gilbert had a blast filming C-Bar Episode 2 with Mark and Patrick.

Bob Hinesley as Texas Bob

Bob Hinesley as Texas Bob:

Bob plays Texas Bob in C-Bar episode 2. His character is a loner outlaw that eventually partners up with Frank Doe and his sisters to track down Dockie to get his share of the bounty money that is on Dockies Head. Along the way, things get a little interesting…

Bob Hinesley originally from California, moved to Montana and North Dakota and has recently settled in Chino Valley, AZ. He is married with three children. One of which, Seth Hinesley, is a good guy in the movie. His lifelong love of horses has led into a passion for Mounted Shooting, Mounted hunting and outfitting and he is a North Dakota and Arizona Mounted Shooting State Champion.

Seth Hinesley as Little Sammy

Seth Hinesley as Little Sammy:

Seth plays Little Sammy, a good guy in Dockie’s Family. Little Sammy is a far cry from little and can take care of his own…
Seth Hinesley originally from California has recently settled in Chino Valley, AZ. Over the years he has picked up his dads love for horses, riding all of the country in multiple states and is an Arizona State Champion Mounted Shooter.


Craig Hensley as Sheriff Cole

Craig Hensley as Sheriff Cole:

Sheriff Matthew Cole is the kind of man to be invited to dinner and who visits after church. His unusual tolerance of mild lawbreaking is indicative of his understanding of the growing pains of the new frontier. However, those who mistake his easy-going manner for weakness will discover that Cole is the new law in town for good reason.

Craig Hensley is an American stage and film actor whose extensive credits range from New York to Los Angeles and numerous locales in between, to include roles in the recently filmed “The Unhealer” with Adam Beach and Lance Henriksen, and “Bygone Billy” directed by Shea Sizemore. With several other films in post-production (2018 release) Mr. Hensley also performs his one-man stage play “Wyatt: Last Words”, a unique and unusual look at the life of Wyatt Earp. Craig lives in Tombstone, Arizona with his wife, costume designer Jenna Miller.


Jeannie Branstrator as Dolly Doe

Jeannie Branstrator as Dolly Doe:

Dolly is, what I like to call the “bratty baby sister” of her siblings. With a lot on her mind but not much to say, she keeps you wondering what just goes on in that little head of hers. Ruthless to a fault and will stab a man for eyeing her wrong, but maybe there’s more to her than what meets the eye.

Jeannie is a Prescott, Arizona native. She has many diverse interests from record collecting to horseback riding. Fully equipped with a crass attitude yet a heart of gold and a constant lust for adventure.

*fun fact- The hat Dolly wore on set for cbar2 was originally purchased by Jeannie’s grandfather in 1959 at the Frontier Rodeo in Prescott, AZ.

Heather Swaim as Diane Doe

Heather Swaim as Diane Doe:

Diane Doe eldest daughter of Jon Doe, daddy’s little pride n joy. Just about as crazy as her pa and loyal to a fault she will do anything to bring Dockie in alive for the murder of her brother even at the risk of her own life.

Heather Swaim Arizona native, She is married and has4 kids. Heather has always had a passion for horses, she has always loved the country lifestyle. Heather works with horses and they start all their horses from the ground up. “I truly believe we all have a little Diane in us.”

Chaz Lee as Frank Doe

Chaz Lee as Frank Doe:

  The oldest of Johns offspring, Frank is a calculated and maniacal character whose only match to his quick temper is the adeptness of his irons. Frank is shackled by the chains of his past and the loss of his younger brother Snakebite, which sends him on a broken and bloody trail of retribution. He will stop at nothing to complete the task at hand, even if it means the spilling of family blood.

Chaz Lee was born to be a performer, in fact, some closest to him say he came into this world wearing Buskin boots on his infant feet. After many years of perfecting his craft, Mr. Lee has found his path to true gratification as a screenwriter, producer, actor, stuntman, stunt coordinator and director.

His talents, awards, and recognition have all been woven together by hard work, tenacity and pure perseverance.

His resume reflects the pure talent and many years of dedication to the entertainment and performing arts arena that he is known in and comfortable traveling within. Chaz has and continues to enjoy working hard every day in the entertainment and performing arts circle. When asked why he favors the western genre, Chaz Lee responded with…

“It was a time of discovering dreams and I think the mystique of it was that it was an adventure that captivated the wandering souls of so many. People lived for the moment because they didn’t know if they would be dead tomorrow, so, therefore, they did not take things for granted like so many people do today.”

When asked to give his pearls of wisdom to others, Chaz Lee brandishes his crooked cowboy smile and replies,
“The only limitation is the imagination.”™

Chaz Lee continues to exercise his talents daily within his roles as the executive writer, director of affairs, and stunt coordinator with Six Gun Entertainment, LLC, a Wild West Entertainment and Production Company located in beautiful Cave Creek, Arizona. His desire to surround himself in western heritage has proven to be gratifying for his soul.

Marsha Baugher as Eve

Marsha Baugher as Eve

Character bio. Eve is on hard times. She lost most of her family and goes to live with her brother Norm on the C-Bar ranch. Everyone on the C-Bar falls in love with Eve. She has a few surprises in store.

Marcia has been married to Mark Baugher the writer and producer of C-Bar since 1972. Marcia and Mark spend a lot of hours sitting in the sun brainstorming ideas for movie episodes and C-Bar novel ideas. Mark thinks Marcia should share in the writing credits. She has an amazing ability to come up with ideas when he is stuck. He says that some of his best moments in script writing weren’t entirely his creation.

Charlie LeSueur as John Doe:

Charlie LeSueur as John Doe:

Just Who is John Doe? by Charlie LeSueur

I’m not even sure that John Doe knows just who he really is? Is he a blustering big mouth? A raging religious fanatic? A cagey old dude, a manipulator, a Wiley killer and robber…or just misunderstood? You’ll have to decide as he isn’t telling anybody anything, including me and I’m as close to John as you can get.

He’s given to mood swings… from jubilant moods to quick fits of violent rage within seconds… but much of his past remains a mystery. Of John Doe, it could be said that “He’s a man who mouths off a lot but says very little.

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