Buck Montgomery

(Buck Montgomery)

Dr. Buck Montgomery’s sense for adventure and pursuit of interesting and varied careers are undeniably the influence of his favorite role model… an adventurer, photographer and story teller…his father. 

At the early age of seven, his father passed on one simple word of advice that would forever be his inspiration and life long quest…”If you don’t have stories to tell, it means you haven’t lived life”.

Buck celebrated his 19th birthday just two weeks after being hired on as an animation artist at Disney Studios. As much as he enjoyed being part of the world’s most respected Animation Studio, the confines of a 4′ by 4′ cubicle might not be his lifelong passion. Getting a security clearance to venture over to the Disney Back Lots would prove to be a life-changing journey.

On one of those visits, a second unit person approached Buck and simply asked the question, “Can you fall off a horse kid?”…followed with, “It pays $50 bucks”. Thus began another chapter in his growing book of “storytelling”. As a side note, his moniker “Dr. Buck” came about when a magazine did a story on the young stuntman and somehow decided that instead of typing DR Buck, he opted for Dr. Buck…and it’s stuck ever since.

In addition to Stunts and Acting projects, he produces Arizona’s biggest Wild West event, co-produced two signature events with & at Old Tucson, is the founder of the “Wild West Performing Arts Society”, runs “True West Casting Company”, which helped win a 2013 Emmy for True West Magazine for their “Outrageous Arizona” series, in which he was a featured actor.

He is also currently in post-production stages on his own feature film project, “Spare My Brother” (working title), a “true” old west story about Murder, Man Hunt and Lost Treasure that made headlines in the New York Times in… 1892!



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