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C-bar 1 Extended Director’s Cut Now Available!

Featuring Western Country Singer, Summer Franklin! With appearances by Charlie LeSueur and JT Smith!

Filming Has Wrapped C-Bar 1

After Months of Preparation and Determination, Filming has officially been completed for “C-Bar” and Post-Production has Officially Begun.  We thank everyone for the help and support you have given us through the Production Process and we can’t wait for the experience that Post-Production is sure to be.  The Footage looks great and the crew can …

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About C-Bar Ranch

At the age of fifty-nine I woke up and started writing this book. I had never written anything in the past so this was a new experience for me. Long story turned short it became published and has had some success. I got a phone call from a filmmaker by the name of Patrick Ball. …

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C-Bar Ranch is being Filmed!

I thought writing a novel was fun, but it doesn’t compare to making a movie! I am either lucky or being watched over because this experience has been the best time of my life. The film crew are a joy to work with. They are creative, patient and professional. Finding them is beyond anything I …

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