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Cast Members in the Movie

Jeremiah Cohn

(Bunny) Jeremiah Cohn was born in an Old Western mining town located in Southeastern Arizona. After a few short years, his family moved to the Middle East, Saudi Arabia, where they worked in the oil industry. As a pampered dependent of a oil company employee, he received some of the best education. Including boarding school …

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Clay McClinton

(“The Doctor”) Clay McClinton’s roots are firmly planted in the traditions of Texas music, where strains of country, blues, rock ’n’ roll and Tex-Mex blend effortlessly into a sound he likes to call “Texas gumbo.”  After spending 10 years diligently honing his own version of that sound, McClinton showcases his range as an artist and …

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Anabel Granados

(Singer)   The Songstress.  Fierce and passionate.  When on stage, Anabel can sweep you away in the torrent of emotions that rise from her soul when performing a song that is near and dear to her heart. She will make you feel the pain, the sorrow, and the nostalgia that comes with every Ranchera.  Anabel’s love of music …

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Howard Teets

(“Old” Miner) Howard may be a former New York law enforcement officer, but he’s got good Ol’ Cowboy True Grit when it comes to his love and knowledge of the Old and Wild West! As the lead “Safety Officer” for Pioneer Living History Museum, it is Howards responsibility to make sure that all of the …

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Lee Anderson

(Jesus) Nearly 40 years ago, to escape the Midwest winters, I moved to Arizona I eventually retired from a career in the aerospace industry. Retirement has allowed me to pursue full-time a life-long hobby and deep passion; over three hundred years of Southwest cowboy history. I’ve not just researched and studied this history, over the years I have attempted to recreate and live as much of it as has …

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