Chaz Lee as Frank Doe

Chaz Lee as Frank Doe:

  The oldest of Johns offspring, Frank is a calculated and maniacal character whose only match to his quick temper is the adeptness of his irons. Frank is shackled by the chains of his past and the loss of his younger brother Snakebite, which sends him on a broken and bloody trail of retribution. He will stop at nothing to complete the task at hand, even if it means the spilling of family blood.

Chaz Lee was born to be a performer, in fact, some closest to him say he came into this world wearing Buskin boots on his infant feet. After many years of perfecting his craft, Mr. Lee has found his path to true gratification as a screenwriter, producer, actor, stuntman, stunt coordinator and director.

His talents, awards, and recognition have all been woven together by hard work, tenacity and pure perseverance.

His resume reflects the pure talent and many years of dedication to the entertainment and performing arts arena that he is known in and comfortable traveling within. Chaz has and continues to enjoy working hard every day in the entertainment and performing arts circle. When asked why he favors the western genre, Chaz Lee responded with…

“It was a time of discovering dreams and I think the mystique of it was that it was an adventure that captivated the wandering souls of so many. People lived for the moment because they didn’t know if they would be dead tomorrow, so, therefore, they did not take things for granted like so many people do today.”

When asked to give his pearls of wisdom to others, Chaz Lee brandishes his crooked cowboy smile and replies,
“The only limitation is the imagination.”™

Chaz Lee continues to exercise his talents daily within his roles as the executive writer, director of affairs, and stunt coordinator with Six Gun Entertainment, LLC, a Wild West Entertainment and Production Company located in beautiful Cave Creek, Arizona. His desire to surround himself in western heritage has proven to be gratifying for his soul.

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