Craig Hensley as Sheriff Cole

Craig Hensley as Sheriff Cole:

Sheriff Matthew Cole is the kind of man to be invited to dinner and who visits after church. His unusual tolerance of mild lawbreaking is indicative of his understanding of the growing pains of the new frontier. However, those who mistake his easy-going manner for weakness will discover that Cole is the new law in town for good reason.

Craig Hensley is an American stage and film actor whose extensive credits range from New York to Los Angeles and numerous locales in between, to include roles in the recently filmed “The Unhealer” with Adam Beach and Lance Henriksen, and “Bygone Billy” directed by Shea Sizemore. With several other films in post-production (2018 release) Mr. Hensley also performs his one-man stage play “Wyatt: Last Words”, a unique and unusual look at the life of Wyatt Earp. Craig lives in Tombstone, Arizona with his wife, costume designer Jenna Miller.


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