Howard Teets

(“Old” Miner)

Howard may be a former New York law enforcement officer, but he’s got good Ol’ Cowboy True Grit when it comes to his love and knowledge of the Old and Wild West!

As the lead “Safety Officer” for Pioneer Living History Museum, it is Howard’s responsibility to make sure that all of the Educational Shows performed for the 1000’s of school field trips that visit Pioneer go off without any problems.

Whenever Howard has been “On Set”, it never seems to fails that one or more people, both actors, and film crew, remark about the uncanny resemblance, both in looks and mannerisms, to that of a character actor, Wilford Brimley. Although Wilford might have a few more notches in his acting belt, Howard will readily admit that even though his parts have been few, and his on-screen time somewhat limited, he intends to keep plug’n away, mainly because it’s… so damn much fun!

Film Credits Include:

“Outrageous Arizona” ~ 2012 ~ Emmy Winning PBS & True West Production ~ Extra (several episodes)

“Jessica James” ~ 2013 ~ Mission Bell Productions ~ Extra





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