Jeff McCarroll

(NoName Smith)

It seems that Jeff has always be driven in the direction of career paths that are less traveled by most people. 

His desire and passion to perform in both live stage performances and on camera, has quickly turned into reality. Considering that just a mere five years ago it was just a dream, aspiration and vision of something he hoped he was destined to do.

With a journey that started as a performer with the award-winning Wild West stunt show performing troop, Dr. Buck’s Wild Bunch, he rapidly developed and honed his natural acting skills. Jeff realized that by adding other skills, it would make him more versatile and valuable to casting agents, so began his apprenticeship in stunt training by his mentors, Hollywood Stuntmen Dr. Buck Montgomery and Amos Carver. He now performs in Dr. Buck Productions throughout the U.S., at major festivals, stage and stunt shows, and is a founding member of the acclaimed “Ricochet Radio Ranglers” a live, on stage radio show.

Additionally, Jeff has been personally encouraged by, and garnered the interest of two highly experienced film and TV professionals, actor Mike Moroff and legendary stuntman and actor Neil Summers.

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