Mark Baugher

Dockie Barnett played by Mark Baugher

(Executive Producer / Screen Writer)

Mark Baugher lives in Northern Arizona with his wife, Marcia, on a small ranch near the headwater of the Verde River.

He is a Master Farrier, and when not under a horse, is riding one, exploring the Verde River, treasure hunting in Sycamore Canyon or working on the movie C-Bar. Mark and Marcia live in a small adobe house surrounded by a guest cabin, a barn, and a horseshoeing shop. If you get out to the ranch, Marcia will answer the door with a big smile, and you’ll feel like a youngster again, asking if Mark can come out and play.

Then you’ll hear a welcoming voice from inside the house say: “You’re just in time. I’ve got an extra horse saddled and waiting. I think I know where Geronimo’s cave is hidden. We’re wasting time, let’s ride!”


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