Michael Fisch

(Production Sound Mixer)

Screen Shot 2014-02-06 at 5.21.47 PMMichael Fisch: Audio Extraordanair

Michael Fisch, or “Fisch” as everyone aptly calls him, was born and raised in suburban ¬†Northwest Indiana. He graduated from Ball State University with a BA in Telecommunications with a focus in Audio Production.

He spends his time diligently picking up on the audio wavelengths on anything and everything that moves. Knowing this, Fisch is the ears on set of the C-Bar film. Mainly you’ll find him shouting “PLANE” or trying to make traffic disappear.

Fisch aspires to go into music or sound production, but is learning the ropes and finds something to listen to with each and every passing day. He’s never been a fan of “We’ll fix it in Post” and lives for anything that will pump his adrenaline to the extreme. That last sentence didn’t make sense because he usually doesn’t either.