Mike Girard

(Bobby Blue)

Screen Shot 2014-02-15 at 2.29.26 PMMike Girard is more commonly known in the western community as TomB. Stone.

TomB. loves to entertain on stage and can be seen at the Pioneer Living History Museum often where he is now one of the Gun Show coordinators.

He has worked in front of the camera on several projects but playing the character, Bobby Blue, has been a real gift.  TomB. can also be found wondering the trails on his horse Ali.

When he’s not entertaining folks with old west skits and tales you might find him cracking a whip, working on his fast draw or even playing a song or two on his Taylor Guitar. Mike has been happily married  for over 28 years to a wonderful woman who has put up with a lot. Tom says the B in TomB. stands for many things but mostly Blessed.