Sande Comenzind

(Marsha Jean Barnett)

Sande Comenzind, who goes by her stage name “Alibi,” started in the entertainment field back in 1997, when she worked as a secretary and graphic artist for the character actor, John Mitchum and his brother actor, Robert Mitchum on a celebrity tribute to John’s book, “THEM ORNERY MITCHUM BOYS.” John continued on to be her mentor and was very instrumental and supportive introducing her to many of his friends in Hollywood.

Alibi’s experience behind the camera includes Script Supervisor, Associate Producer, Assistant to the Director, Production Coordinator, and Graphics Designer. She has worked with several different production companies including, Iron Horse Entertainment, Rough Rider Productions, Maricopa Films (Chuck Disney), SunCast Entertainment, Victory Angel Films, Steve David Productions, and Mission Bell Entertainment. Her experience in front of the camera includes THREE BAD MEN (Iron Horse Entertainment, Rough Rider Productions) and BLOOD MOON RISING (Victory Angel Films).

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